Spring is Here!

Apr 06, 2013

The early part of 2013 has been quite busy for me.  Our youngest child is a senior in high school and will be off to college in the fall.  I have been teaching and quilting and cleaning out “stuff”.  I was in charge of the “Buy It or Bid It” booth for the Baltimore Heritage Quilt Guild EXPO 2013.  Our show was quite successful and well attended. Now I have some serious quilting to do to get caught up.

I have noticed a trend of a number of “Modern Quilts” coming in for quilting.  These have been so much fun for me, as they present a whole  new way of looking at quilts, making use of positive and negative space both in the color and patchwork of the top  as well as in the quilting designs.  These quilts represent a fun and artistic method of quilting which I suspect will evolve considerably over the upcoming decade.    I have posted a new category in my gallery called Modern Quilts so you can view some of these quilts.

Also, I have had several requests to offer a fill pattern which I used in my Hershey Whole Cloth Quilt.  I finally finished this monster of a fill pattern and it is now available in my store.

Marty Vint

Love of color and whimsy combined with skilled technique is evidenced in the work of traditional award winning quilter Marty Vint, who was born and raised in Baltimore.

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