Creative Studio Version 7 is now Available for Statler Owners!

Aug 18, 2017

Creative Studio 7 is finally available for download for Statler owners. You may download this newest version of Creative Studio at :

CS 7 contains many new tools to make it easier to quilt even better on you Statler longarm. I am particulary excited about the ability to store all of my quilting patterns in the Pattern Cloud for easy and quick reference, the ability to customize your toolbar, as well as some of the exciting design tools including drawing curves from the head of your machine, exceptional ability to echo, fill and array designs and amazing ways to use text in your quilting.

To assist you in learning to use CS7, I am placing a free handout in my store under the store tab>videos and educational materials>Free. This handout consists of a complete list of all of the shortcuts to assist you in accessing the tools in CS7. It is my most sincere wish to help you to learn how to effectively use this powerful program and I will post more soon, I promise.

Marty Vint

Love of color and whimsy combined with skilled technique is evidenced in the work of traditional award winning quilter Marty Vint, who was born and raised in Baltimore.

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