Remember Your Quilt Labels!

Happy 2014 to all of my quilting friends, near and far!

I didn’t mean to stay out of touch for so long and am sorry I haven’t posted any recent news and musings. Hopefully I will be more responsible this year.

N's and Out's

At the end of a year, I begin to reflect, like so many, on endings and new beginnings. In 2013 I began to catalog my personal quilts, and hope soon to make a little book for my family of all of the quilts I have made with stories and reflections. How often do I look at the quilts made by my great grandmother and wonder about them? When others look at my quilts long after I am gone, will they wonder the same thing? I am careful to label each of my quilted projects.

Family Estate

On the smaller ones, sometimes I just sign and date them using a Prisma Micron Ink Pen, which is archival quality and fade resistant. On my larger projects I enjoy using my embroidery software to design my labels and then embroider them using my Bernina 830. However you choose to label your quilts, remember it’s the finishing touches that will make a difference!